Tuesday, September 10, 2013

late night mind wonder......

So its this chick. She floods my mind effortlessly leaving me daydreaming her presence. In & out my thoughts robbing my attention. Holding it captive as I close my eyes & start to feel subtle kisses from her lips on my neck. Her waist in my grip as we sway to the sounds of Coltrane. This sentimental mood arouses more kisses, stronger embraces, turning this tango horizontal.. I lay her on a bed of white tulips, preserving her purity. I kiss her temple sending my intentions straight to her brain. hesitant but shes overtaking by her physical needs and becomes willing. we explore each other. Her skin slightly moist from our perspiration, soft as dew on the flowers she laid upon. the fragrance of this encounter fills the room... the aroma intrigues me. i treat her body as a majestic garden searching for the source of this perfume. This has to be real. Each one of my senses being satisfied as the sweet nectar of her forbidden fruit ignites my tastebuds to savor every piece of her. we both get our fill and become satisfied. She lays there, blushed face, biting her lip. I admire her beauty not to intrude her. for she is perfectly pure.

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